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How it works....

Anyone can create and sell high-quality products people love, with no cost or risk.

You start a t-shirt campaign and we do up a small ad for you to share with your supporters that will direct them to your t-shirt on this website. Your job is to sell, share facebook posts and create a buzz about your campaign.

Promote your fundraiser on Social Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest

Supporters purchase your t-shirt on our website. Once you have 12 t-shirts purchased then we print and ship your orders. Simple as that!!!


2 color design on a black 100% cotton  ---You set the price of your shirt at $25.00 ---your share of sales are $10.00 per shirt!!---You sell 100 shirts and  you make $1000 for your charity/organization---If you sell 1000 shirts Canada wide--- you are at $10,000 !!! Unlimited income.